Hey! Here is my 4th year animation thesis film. Its an experimental  animation (at least for me), inspired by the dialogues of the general public, where I ask them “What does art mean to you?…In 2 sentences.” 

The goal of the film was to promote art, and I wanted to make it a collaborative art piece where artists/anybody could contribute their interpretation of “what art means” to them, making it a forever growing art piece. In my original pitch, I wanted to use original voice recordings of the people I’ve interviewed, and animate an interpretation of their dialogue.   But due to time restraints, I experimented with my own interpretation of what art means to me.

Thanks for you time! Hope you’ll enjoy this film!  Cheers :D

And please share my first film baby to people who might enjoy the message!! (It took a little bit more than 8 months to produce …Like a real human baby …)


Last night, I asked facebook friends to leave a comment, and I would draw them! The results were sort of crazy- in the span of 5 hours, I drew 71 portraits (and also cleaned my house because #responsible). I was astounded by how fun it was to draw everyone, old friends I hadn’t seen in ages and some new friends I haven’t met yet! 
I hope it’s fun to look thru these and maybe you’ll see some familiar faces!


A miniwalk cycle for my next mini project~ He’s the brass/conductor 

A miniwalk cycle for my next mini project~ He’s the brass/conductor 


design pack for Black Sugar, my grad film. 

Sooo beeeautiful!!